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Performed By

This song has been performed by...

Stan Getz
A Jobim
Charlie Bird
Herb Alpert
Ella Fitzgerald


We have received the following comments about Desafinado:

You guys figured it out. Finally the tracks I've been looking for to do a trumpet/sax duo jazz gig. The quality is awesome and the price is very reasonable. Keep the tunes coming."

9/11/2013 by Brian W.


Classic Jazz Standard bossa nova play along backing track.

Extra Note:
There are conflicting versions of the sheet music for this tune in circulation so beware. The ’illegal’ Real Book is missing four bars. If you have the ’Legal’ version you are in luck because it is correct.

If you have a copy of the ’illegal’ Real Book you will need to take note: The sequence of bars 21 to 24 needs to be played twice every time through - the melody when playing through the heads, and the changes every time through.
We are talking about the line of changes (concert): AMaj7/Bbdim7/Bm7/E7 - play it twice if you own the illegal copy of the Real Book.

These are all of the backing tracks that we have for this song.