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Coming Home Baby - for All Instruments

Coming Home Baby - for All Instruments

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 Our backing tracks for Coming Home Baby are recorded with live Drums and Hammond Organ. The bass part is played by the left hand (or feet) of the organist. Popular with Guitarists and sax players, the 'Organ Trio' format is covered here with a variety of mixes suitable for any instrument. A great jam track... Let your imagination run wild...

Coming Home Baby has been covered as an instrumental by an array of artists including Herbie Mann, Sergio Mendes and David Sanborn. 

*Note* - We use the chord progression - Gm7/ Gm7 / Gm7 / Gm7 / *Eb7 / *Eb7 / Gm7 / Gm7 / Bb7 / A7 Ab7/ Gm7 / Gm7 - includes free lead sheet.

Available in the key of:
Gm - the standard key

song info:

tempo: 129 bpm

duration: 3:36


Intro - 4 bars

Head – 12 bars x 2
Solo Choruses x 4
Head x 2
3 tags at end

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